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houkou_onchi's Journal

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It's me :O

Well, what can I say about myself? I'm a 19 year old Austrian girl. I spend a lot of time online where I spend most of my time on forums. I'm also known as Virtual Headache, pika2000 or zappsan on most of them. My other interests include learning languages, drawing and spending time with my pets.
I'm shy, sometimes crazy and I am emotional and tend to take some things too seriously (unfortuneately :() I also try ot be nice (most of the time) even if I don't feel like it. That's it for now.

My LJ name

"houkou onchi" means something similar to "person without a sense of direction" and well, it kinda fits me xD
It's not probably not as bad as for other people, but I just hardly ever know where to go. Some people at uni even thought I'd be from somewhere else, since I didn't know most locations in my city xD I just know the ways I need every day.
I saw a small text and explanation of this word somewhere a long time ago and kinda still remembered it and thought it would fit perfectly for a new journal.